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"On A Holistic View of the World"
What each of us has is direct experience. So does every other animal, they have some kind of experience. A bee sees the world differently than we do because it is a different organism. And other organisms just try to work their way around the world of their experience. Humans, as far as we know, are unique in the animal world in that they're reflective creatures. That is, they try to make some sense out of their experience.

There are all kinds of ways of doing this: some are called myth, some are called magic, some are called religion. Science is a particular one it's a particular form of trying to gain some understanding of our experiences, organize them. It relies on evidence, coherent argument, principles that have some explanatory depth, if possible. And that mode of inquiry, which has been, particularly in the last couple hundred years, extremely successful, has its scope and its limits. What the limits are we don't really know.....  COMPLETE QUOTE...
-- from an article
by Noam Chomsky, prof. of linguistics, MIT, in
Science & Theology News
March 2006, Vol. 6, No. 7, p. 17.

[Reprinted without permission of author.]

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